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2002 Headlines

Graduates from high school
(see Education & Employment page 2)

Signs to wrestle for Columbia University
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Finishes High School Wrestling 2nd in California and 7th in USA
(see Sports page 2)

Pulls in a body in High Surf
(see Hawaii in Travel section page 3)
All 4 Davis's visit Hospital, but only Kirk escapes the knife
(see Health page 2)
Flies planes and motorcycles.
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Real Estate
Davis family moves after 1 year
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Social Center
When Deanna's Mom Jeannie married Jim Walton on 8 Jun 2002, friends became family.  Jim's grandson Cameron  had played football with Jean's grandson  Kirk for years and years.   We have all been joining for the big holiday feeds this year.

Kirk was elected Prom King.










Chad on Letterman
(see Travel section page 3)
The Blue Ridge Parkway
(see Travel section page 3)
Path blocked by Haitian protesters and
Canoeing in a tie?
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New York City
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Cleveland, Kansas, & Missouri
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And You?
How have you been lately?  We hope that your recent holidays went well, and we wish you the best for the rest of 2003.  Please be sure to keep our contact information, as we enjoy hearing what is going on with you!  Making sure we stay in touch is the main purpose of our newsletter.

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Employment & Education, Health and Sports











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Employment & Education
Willy got a new job as a cause analyst.  That is someone that tries to answer the questions for the power plant such as, why did this happen, and what can we do so that it won't happen again?

Deanna does Dental Hygiene nominally 4 days per week for Dr. Lyon and Krueckel in San Luis Obispo.

Chad has completed his pilot ground school training and has one flight remaining before his check ride for his license.  He loves his job as a server at Brad's Restaurant in Pismo Beach.  Drop by and give him a big tip!  Chad is in his second year at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo.  He will transfer to Cal Poly or UCLA next year and pursue a degree in aeronautical engineering.  Chad has always felt drawn to mission work, so we all await how the Lord will use his many skills, education and love for Jesus in whatever career he chooses.

Kirk graduated from High School this year, and was accepted into Columbia University.  Columbia is on Manhattan very close to downtown New York City.  He was hired to help with security at some political functions when wrestling season is finished.









Chad had a second orthoscopic shoulder surgery In February.  He had similar shoulder surgery during the previous year due to a wrestling injury.  This time volleyball tore his shoulder.  Dr. Devine was very pleased with the surgery results.  Although Chad has not returned to the mat, he surfs often, and rides his dirt bike.

Deanna had foot surgery in May.  She had Plantar Fasciitis, and had a ligament cut and a bone spur removed.  Everything that could go wrong with the healing process did and Deanna is still walking with pain, and not very far.

Kirk received a concussion during wrestling practice at Columbia when he was struck in the head by a teammates knee.  He was off the mat for a couple weeks, but is back to normal.

Willy had toe surgery.  Call it a Compound Dislocation?  During Jiu-Jitsu practice, he caught his big toe on the mat and bent it sideways.  The bone had broken out of the joint capsule and torn through the skin one third of the way around on the inside.  Conveniently, our practice was in the back of a Doctor's office and two doctors were practicing with us.  Dr. Bernie Weinstock set it, and he drove home.  Arroyo Grande hospital transferred him to Sierra Vista in San Luis, where he was put under, and  the injury was irrigated and sewn shut.  The joint ligaments had been split but not torn and needed no repair.  He is back on the mat.














Chad Surfing by Pismo Pier





















Columbia University Library (where Spider














Chad bought a used YZ490 which lived to be used 6 times.  It died, and he replaced it with a KX250 dirt bike.  He hauls them to the dunes in Ford Ranger that G-maw bought him for his birthday.

Willy still teaches his Tuesday night Girlie-Jitsu class, and his Law Enforcement guys on Monday.  Willy, Kirk, and fighter girls Karen Briscoe and Blair Fross had the pleasure of attending a seminar by Royler Gracie in May, and Willy was honored to train with Grandmaster Helio Gracie at a Los Angeles area seminar, and with Luis Heredia in Maui.

Deanna still cannot participate in volleyball as she would like but is enjoying water aerobics at the club.  She will not give up!

What an exiting year for Kirk. He took 2nd place in California State High School wrestling championships.  Then he went on to take 7th in High School Senior nationals.  The Nationals were held in Cleveland, and Kirk had lots of friends and family there to watch.  Shortly afterward Kirk signed to wrestle with Columbia University.

Kirk had a Dance Company performance at the High School and had a ballet part with Kristen Thom in addition to being involved in several other dances.  Kirk stepped up to the occasion, his part included a back walkover.  He got lots of screams from the crowd.

Kirk's college wrestling is going well, he has been in two ~50 team tournaments and took 3rd in both.  He has defeated ranked Div I wrestlers and is now ranked at #27.

Kirk wrestles on Jan 3 in Fresno, and Jan 11 at UC Davis in Sacramento. Unbelievably, his TEAM will be spending the week between those tournaments HERE in Pismo Beach and training at Arroyo Grande High School, that the Davis boys attended.




















Chad and his motorized toys

























Disgusting Toe Stitches

















Karen Briscoe Hurls Willy to the Mat






























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Travel (continued)











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Willy's adventure in Haiti
My first close-up exposure to missionary work ended when Patty Extenkamper along with her German missionary friend Barbara guided me through the process to leave the Port-au-Prince airport in Haiti.

I was somber on the plane home, and the following day, as I returned to the luxury and comfort of the United States, replaying the events of the previous few days in my mind.  I have seen struggles and poverty many times and in many places before, and am able to accept things as they are.  This time was different.  I tried to assist my friend in her ministry there.  I was only able to accomplish a fraction of what I had planned.  Seeing my missionary friend try to make a difference with less than adequate resources was a difficult thing to fly away from and forget.  It's one thing to know that most of the world is struggling with basic needs.  It's another to fly away from someone you know who is trying to help people meet those needs.

So who is Patty Extemkamper and why go to Haiti?  I went to High School with Patty, and probably didn't exchange a full paragraph of words with her during that time.  She is a long time close friend of the Rob and Becky Hickman family whom I have become very fond of after bonding with them during a High School class reunion.  So, she is a dear friend of dear friends.  Patty invited me (and everyone else she meets) to Haiti, and for a combination of reasons, I followed through.  I never had a Haitian passport stamp, nor had I been on the mission field.  As a missionary, Patty manages a guest house in Les Cayes, and has multiple ministerial functions associated with the local church.




















Patty picked me up at the Port-au-Prince airport.  Soon we picked up her pastor and a Haitian friend and started our 6 hour trip to Les Cayes.  I was warmly received by Patty, her Haitian Pastor, and later, the Guesthouse staff.  As we drove through the country it was evident that the needs of the Haitians are basic and fundamental to living, and are in sharp contrast to the "needs" that we are accustomed to at home in the USA.  The Hosanna Guesthouse where I spent the next few days resembled a nice bed-and-breakfast hotel, but was walled in like a fortress.  There was a high concrete wall topped with shards of broken glass surrounding the Guesthouse.  My quarters were nice clean and comfortable but relatively plush in comparison with what lay outside the wall.

Patty "made" me dress up for church (long pants and a tie) and we headed for a bay where She, two Haitian friends and I boarded two dugout canoes complete with rented Haitian horsepower, after an amusing (only to me) price negotiation.  I chuckled at the thought of dressing up to ride in a log.

We attended a Haitian church service, and our mission was to take a picture of the congregation.  We were introduced to the congregation, and it seemed we were personally greeted by all of them.  The Haitians sang and listened to a sermon.  My new Haitian friends sat on either side of me and interpreted for me.  Their praying was unique.  They all pray aloud, and at the same time, at the volume level of a crowd yelling at a sports event.  Their enthusiasm gave me a smile.

Later that week we took the 4 wheel drive way up a creek bed to a church to take pictures of dozens of small children in order to provide documentation for educational support.  The beautiful children were shy and very compliant.  We may have been the first white folks that some ever saw.  Patty did her best to ensure that each child's picture was a good one.  I sensed her love for each and every child.

Through my days there, I got a snapshot of daily life for the locals of Haiti.  American lawnmowers are better sheltered than many residents of Haiti. 

Unfortunately Patty had contracted malaria, and was not feeling well most of the time I was there.  Fever would come and go, and her smile would fade until she rested again.  Daily she would push herself to utter exhaustion to get her assigned tasks done. 

During our drive back to Port au Prince to catch my plane home, I even got to experience my first Haitian manifestation. That's what they call a demonstration in Haiti. The road (the only road to the airport from which I was departing) was blocked with large buses that had been turned sideways blocking the road, and many people loitering waiting for something to happen.  We were still 3 1/2 hrs from the airport and didn't know when things would break up. Police came and restored order in time for me to catch my flight.  We did make it in plenty of time and I had a "wonderful" cultural experience too.