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Congratulations!  You are one of a few hundred people that have been specially selected out of billions to be a recipient of our newsletter.  Of course this will only contain our travels and activities.  Most content that would be embarrassing to our family has been removed.  Yes it is enormous.  Bigger pictures were requested.  You can click on them to make them even bigger, then hit the back button to return to the newsletter.

Kansas City:  Deanna went to Kansas City twice, once with Kirk, and once with Chad.  Deanna's brother Rock put on a huge Father's Day BBQ for Bob. It was this event that inspired Rock to engineer and build the Pig Spinner.  The Pig Spinner is a giant BBQ rotisserie, not a Midwest dance move.

Health:  Deanna's dad and step dad are courageously battling against cancer.  They are have both had chemo treatments.
Deanna had a hysterectomy.  Her smile is a result of modern chemistry.  Later in the year, she had some basil cell carcinoma removed from her face.  She also separated her clavicle while playing volleyball, which limited her activity and has kept her in a brace for months.
Willy's mom had a kidney operation.
Kirk cut his finger.

London:  Dave Gleason and Willy went to London in February for a few days.  Going with Dave was beneficial to Willy, as Dave has extensive knowledge of English history.  They visited most of the tourist sites near Ben the clock.  They saw the Blue Man Group.  Our local friends Lisa Bendela and Andrew took us to Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace.  It's always best to get the inside track from the locals.  Had Willy toured these places alone, his educational experience would have been analogous to a dog watching TV!

Gymnastics:  Chad teaches gymnastics at Central Coast Gymnastics.  Willy attended the adult recreational class until it was cancelled.  Chad was able to teach Willy how to do a back flip into the foam pit.  Chad is on the left, Willy on the right.

Phoenix:  Willy and Deanna drove to Phoenix, AZ to visit Willy's parents.  They stayed one night in Palm Springs on the way.  Willy visited former Navy friends, Rick Liederer and Tom Seipel that he had not seen in many years.

Camping:  Willy and Deanna camped for a week in June, at Hume Lake in Sequoia National Park.  We were there with several other families, comprising a group of about 70 people.  We sailed, played games, hiked, biked, swam and ate frog legs.  We were with the Gleason, Lokkart, McKinley, Mutz, Salsbury, Sparrow, and Wais families.  During a bike ride, some of us saw fat rattlesnakes by the trail.  Deanna returned to Hume for a women's retreat, in addition to one in Cambria.  Willy also went to a New Life Men's retreat at Mt. Hermon in Santa Cruz.

Martial Arts:  Kirk and Jeff Sato trained with Renzo Gracie when Renzo came to Columbia University.
Willy continues to teach the Women's Jiu-Jitsu Academy, and trains frequently when people call him.  That's Patty Van Belleghem tossing Jeff Sato.

Baby Steps to Public Speaking:  In addition to putting on periodic Self-Defense / Martial Arts Seminars, Willy and Karen Briscoe spoke about investing to college classes at a local high school, and Willy also spoke at an investment seminar at for a local ERA Real Estate office.

Skiing:  Kirk's girlfriend Melanie came for spring break and Willy took them skiing at Sierra Summit

Ohio Visitors:  Holly Hickman and Lindsay Ramseyer came to visit for a week and a half from Ohio.  They were about 16 years old.  Willy went to high school with Holly's parents.  Willy gave them the California tour.  Their tour included Hollywood, Yosemite, Solvang, Tijuana, Malibu, Laguna Beach, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, San Diego, and of course Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo and Avila Beach.  They tried surfing, learned how, and got hooked.  They did NOT get hooked on Sushi, but did try some under coercion.

Hawaii:  Willy & Deanna took the boys and their girlfriends to Oahu.  We stayed in Waikiki in the Queen Kapiolani hotel overlooking Waikiki beach and Kapiolani Park.  On our trip we were delighted to be able to meet with both girlfriend's parents.  Nancy's parents live near the San Francisco airport, and her father Lee shuttled us to the airport, and kept our car while we were gone. Her mother Marilyn gave us a yummy care package for the drive home when we returned.  Melanie's parents Jeff and Jayne live in Kona.  They flew over to Oahu, took us to a fabulous restaurant in the Kahala Hotel, and did a beach day with us.  Of course we visited with the Keizers, and had the Mongolian BBQ at the Kaneohe Officer's Club.  On day one, we went to Sandy Beach. The surf was so big, only Chad got in the water.  The rest of us watched and worried.  We snorkeled, surfed, boogie boarded, and went to a waterfall on other days.  We raced through the Dole Pineapple hedge maze.  We saw bunches of sea turtles.

Music:  Deanna has been very involved with music.  She has been a regular on the New Life worship team, and is often in the choir.

Cal Poly:  Chad has been taking classes at Cuesta College, and will return to the Aero Engineering program at Cal Poly in January.

Thanksgiving:  Garry and Sheri hosted the Davis family Thanksgiving holiday in Hampstead, Maryland.  This is the first time in many years that the family Thanksgiving was not at our house.  Willy and Garry went to see Kirk take 3rd in a college wrestling tournament at Penn in Philadelphia. Kirk got an award for the fastest pin.  Willy went on a side trip to visit newlywed high school friend Patty Bogese and her husband Stephen.  They went on a day hike in the mountains near Roanoke to a rock formation (pictured) called Dragon's Tooth.  Kirk and his girlfriend Melanie came down from NYC for Thanksgiving day.  Larry and Levi were there.  Austin's friend Joe, and Adam's girlfriend Brooke came.  Aunt Sheri and Uncle Garry did a great job as tour guides.  Three day trips were made to Washington DC.  We visited the National Archives, Smitsonians, some monuments, and Arlington Cemetery.  Some went to Gettysburg.  We went to Fort McHenry where the Star Spangled Banner was inspired, and enjoyed a trip to the inner harbor area of Baltimore.

New York Violence:  Kirk was with teammate Matt Palmer at a NY intersection.  Palmer interfered with a group of women beating a woman by stepping between them.  The group of women did not approve of this, and began to attack him.  Apparently from the same gang, men standing nearby also took offense and turned on Palmer.  Kirk moved in to rescue Palmer.  The gang was displeased by Kirk removing people off of Palmer, and began beating Kirk.  Kirk broke away and ran, and was chased by a crowd.  Some chased him in cars.  Kirk got away and hid. The gang found him and Kirk ran again.  He went to a well lit area on Broadway, and began to walk because he was tired. The gang found Kirk again on Broadway in front of Tom’s restaurant (from Seinfeld) and punched him in the back of the head.  Kirk got away again, ditching his sandals, and ran for about 5 blocks.

His last move was to run into a dorm to get help from security there.  He was followed in by about 3 gang members. In the lobby, they hit him in the face and accused him of “putting his hands on a girl.”  The gang member was referring to a girl he pushed away from Matt, one of several persons, of both genders, that were punching Palmer in the face. Kirk had pushed several of both genders away from Palmer.  The gang ranged in size from a 15 to 25.

Campus Security arrived and listened only to the gang members.  They told Kirk “You’re lucky they don’t want to press charges.”  When the gang members left, security asked “by the way, did you want to press charges?”  Matt and Kirk did not throw a single punch.

Later Kirk learned that immediately after he fled the original scene, and drew a  group after him, the situation diffused where he left Palmer and the girl.

The next day Kirk went went to the Columbia University Head of Security, was patronized, and accomplished nothing.  After all, it's certainly easier to ignore a college student than confront a NY gang.

Loss Vegas:  This is the 3rd time Deanna and I have gone to Loss Vegas to watch Kirk wrestle, and it was the first time Kirk actually showed up.  We stayed in a "one star" hotel in a bad area.  We watched Kirk wrestle, and later took him to see the Blue Man Group, since Willy enjoyed the show so much in London.  There was an unpleasant  experience driving the rental car.  Willy is driving slow, hears honking, brakes, gets passed, gets cut off, crunch, follows, photographs plate, watches flee, sees a near miss, meets cops, finds out nothing will be done.  Hit and Run.

We hope you all have a great new year.  Please give us your latest contact information.  Come visit, call, mail, or e-mail us.  We want to know what you are doing!