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Welcome to our annual update! As always, if our story is ugly, you won't read about it here.  Hold the mouse pointer over the pictures for captions, click on them to enlarge them, then use your browser's back button to return.

Kirk & Melanie get Engaged

Kirk and Melanie in a rowboat in Central Park

On November 28th, Kirk and Melanie became engaged.  There is no official date yet.  We are guessing that the wedding will be on the big island of Hawaii in the summer of 2010.

Nickole Graduates

Chad and Nickole at Nickole's Graduation DinnerNickole's grauation ceremony

Congratulations got to Chad's girlfriend Nickole, who graduated from Cal Poly with a bachelor's degree in kinesiology.

Cruise - Mexico

arch formation off coast of Cabo San LucasDeanna with cliff diver in Mazatlan Kris Green in Cathedral in Mazatlan

Scooby-Doo Rock off Cabo San LucasCuise ship buffet line??/ Open market Mazatlan, Pig out!mermaid statue in Mazatlan

Deanna, her mom and some friends went on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera which stopped first in Puerta Vallarta, then Mazatlan, and last in Cabo San Lucas.  She went on a zip line excursion in the jungle at Puerto Vallarta.(no pictures)  She recommends it for thrill seekers though she will NEVER go again!  Thank you Shirley Albrecht for organizing our trip. You really are our cruise angel!

Cruise - Bahamas

Luke & Ivette's wedding ceremony, officiated by LarryDavis family meal on the cruiseIvette & Luke at their wedding reception

Dave Gleason at the end of an Atlantis waterslideFlounder @ Grand Bahama IslandAtlantis resort waterslide

Larry in a sunken somethingSunrise at Nassau HarborSquid at Grand Bahama Island

Willy's nephew Luke and his new bride Ivette chose to have a shipboard wedding on a cruise to the Bahamas.  Deanna and Willy had already booked a Caribbean cruise later the same month so Deanna didn't choose to go. Dave Gleason went with Willy.  Willy's brother Larry, and his family, and their mother Dorothy attended.  Dave and Willy did some snorkeling, touring and visited the Atlantis resort.  They went on the waterslides at Atlantis.  The waterslides are done in a theme of ancient ruins.  Atlantis is one of the nicest resorts Willy has seen.

Cruise - Caribbean

Dave Hicks, Willy, Randy Lockhart, Coy Bible, Stan WaltonDeanna with a stingray at Stingray City, Cayman IslandDeanna with a stingray at Stingray City, Cayman Island

Deanna snorkeling at Grand Cayman IslandSecurity responds to a harbor snorkelerDeanna on the Carnival ship waterslide

A submarine (USS Omaha) crew reunion was organized to be on a Carnival cruise.  The ship left from Tampa, stopping at Grand Cayman and Cozumel.  Deanna and Willy attended.  It was good for Willy to catch up with friends, some of which he had not seen in more than 25 years.  Deanna knew some of the sailors from when Willy & Deanna lived in Hawaii.  Willy and Deanna thank Stan Walton for organizing it. It was good to catch up with Coy Bible, Dave Hicks, and Randy Lockhart and meet their wives.  Mike was another Omaha sailor was there with our group, but Willy did not serve in the Navy at the same time as Mike.  We told old stories and laughed a lot.  On Grand Cayman Deanna and I went with Coy & Sherri, and Randy & Liz to Stingray City.  One may not snorkel in the ship's harbor.


Nurse Shark seen while snorkeling in KeysFred Clark, Sarah, Anne Marie, RyanAnne Marie points out a jellyfish to Clark

Atocha MuseumSunrise at Dave Clark's houseLighthouse where Anne Marie took Dave and Willy snorkelingDave Gleason at the Southernmost point landmark in Key West

Dave Gleason and Willy went to the Florida Keys for the weekend prior to the Bahamas cruise.  They met with Roy and Anne Marie's family and Anne Marie's parents Fred and Marilyn Clark.  Anne Marie arranged for us to stay in her brother's beautiful house on the water.  Anne Marie took us fishing and snorkeling. Willy got to swim with large sharks for the first time.  He was even close enough to get the picture and pull it's tail, which of course means...   Dave and Willy went to their church in Key Largo.  They also visited Mel Fisher's museum for the Atocha, a spanish ship carrying 40 tons of gold and silver, that the Fisher family salvaged.  Willy had been invited to go on these salvage dives in the 1980s, through a distant family connection, but declined the offer.

Doreen and Brad LeavittJan and Boyfriend

Deanna and Willy went to Tampa for the submarine reunion cruise a couple day early.  John and Cathy Price had them for dinner.  Willy went to high school with Cathy (Ludwig) Price.  Deanna and Willy went to Orlando and visited Brad and Doreen Leavitt.  Brad took us to where the Navy Base used to be, where Willy went to boot camp and Naval Nuclear Power School.  Following the cruise, Willy stayed the weekend and visited Dave and Cristal Clark at their home near the beach. Willy met Dave at College Park Baptist Church in Orlando.  Willy attended there while stationed in Orlando at Nuclear Power School.  Willy went to Jupiter and visited Jan (Thomen) Conner.  I had not seen her since we worked at Big Bear grocery store in 1975..

New York City

Kirk & Melanie at Rockaway Beach, NYKirk's at work in his cube at Columbia TechnologyRicky Turk armwrestling Willy in Times Square

Willy, Kirk, Melanie & Larry at the Natural History Museum in NYCKirk's home in BrooklynKirk & Melanie on a NYC Subway

Deanna went to NYC to celebrate Kirk's 24th birthday and the 4th of July, and watched the fireworks with Kirk and Melanie.  Willy went twice.  The first time Willy went, he met with brother Larry, his wife Dorica, and Kirk and Melanie.  They went to the Natural History Museum, and then rowed around in the pond at Central Park.  Willy got to see Kirk's home and his office and had "street meat" for lunch with him in the Wall Street area.  The second time Willy went for less than a day.  Willy had dinner with Kirk and Melanie, and we toured the  Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum.

New Life Involvement

Willy, Chad, Dave Gleason & Eli Luevano playing basketballKen PoureMount Hermon Men's Retreat group

Human Foosball in the Lokkart barnAmpsurf eventAmpsurf event

Deanna and I joined the New Life Community Church of the Nazarene after attending for about 15 years.  Deanna has been singing on the Worship Team and sometimes sings in the choir. Willy has been operating the video cameras for some of the services. We continue to enjoy our home bible study group with folks who are there for us through thick and thin, every year the women get away for a night together.  Thank you Terry!  Deanna really enjoyed the Saddleback Church Worship Conference this year.  Willy and Chad went to the Mt. Hermon Men's Retreat.  Ken Poure was the speaker, and he was fabulous.  His gift was simplifying the complex.  The activity that was the most fun was water-basketball.  Organized wet violence.  There is a picture of more organized violence in the Lokkart's barn, set up for Human Foosball.  One weekend, dozens from New Life Church assisted the Ampsurf organization.  The cover story is that Ampsurf holds beach events where they teach the handicapped to surf.  The real story is that the physically handicapped teach us all how to overcome severe challenges.  Deanna helped in a booth, and Willy helped in the water.


Hearts tournament action shotQueen Michelle

Frequently Willy & Deanna host Hearts tournaments.  Hearts is a card game for 4.  The Davis's have made a large social event around this game.  They use a computer to keep score.  They play several tables of 4.  Seats are randomly reassigned by computer each hand, and play continues until someone reaches 100. This produces only one winner over everyone.  The seat changing makes playing this way a good social mixer for a large group.

Camping at Hume Lake

Nickole and Chad sailing on Hume LakeHume feedingNickole & Chad

Nickole and Chad catch a TroutDeanna Windsurfing on Hume LakeNickole's troutChad Sailboarding

Willy and Deanna went camping again this year for a week at Hume Lake in Sequoia National Park. Chad and Nickole came too.  We have been camping there with about 70 of our friends for several years. We played in the lake, and caught and ate trout for some of our meals.  There are always plenty of outdoor activities to do.

Martial Arts

Marcello, Sabrina, Steve, Ricardo (Franjinha) Miller, Willy, Jeremiah, Matt

Willy is still teaching martial arts.  Currently there are about 3 law enforcement groups.  We have representation from probation officers, CHP, and police departments from our nearby cities as well as San Jose.  Thanks go to Ricardo (Franjinha) Miller for doing a seminar for some of my law enforcement people.

California Outdoors

DCPP view from Point Buchon trailPoint Buchon trailTop of Sierra Summit with Willy, Schultz's and Dave Gleason

Cerro Alto Peak viewGarry overlooking Avila BeachWilly with a Bass at Santa Margarita Lake

Dave Gleason hiking Gaviota PeakDeanna at the Mid State Fair in Paso RoblesSandy Staab in Santa Cruz

We frequently hike.  Some of the places we go are Bishop's Peak, Madonna Mountain, the Bob Jones trail to Avila Beach, Montana de Oro, and Cerro Alto. Willy only skied once last year at Sierra Summit, and he fishes in Santa Margarita Lake now and then.


Bill and Dorothy Davis on the back porchHouse and backyard view of Willy's parents' new homeRich and Ken Hodgeson


Willy stopped to visit his Mom and Dad in Phoenix at their new home on the golf course.  Willy also met Pastor Ken Hodgeson and his family.  Willy and Deanna met pastor Ken and his wife Mimi while surfing Waikiki in 1982.  They stayed in contact and this was the first time they have met since.  Pastor Ken and his son Rich came and visited Pismo Beach later that year.  Deanna made a stop in Phoenix to see Willy's parents this year also.

Reynoldsburg Baptist Church 50th Anniversary

Larry, Dorothy, Alex, Sherri, Garry, WilyGarry's backyardLunch with Don and Eileen Sgontz

Lunch with GravettsPeople we saw at the RBC anniversary event

Willy and his brothers, Garry and Larry returned to Reynoldsburg Baptist Church (RBC) for a 50th Anniversary event.  Many people we have known over the years we spent at RBC attended the event.   They met their mom Dorothy there, and the event was on her birthday.  On the same trip Willy made several stops.  One stop was to see his brother Garry's new home on the water in Columbus, Indiana.  He met with Jim and Sally Gravett for lunch one day, and Uncle Don and Aunt Eileen served lunch on another day.  He stayed with Rob and Becky Hickman.  Since Willy was east, he added that quick half day stop in NYC mentioned above.

We hope you all have a great 2009.  Please give us your latest contact information.  Come visit, call, mail, or e-mail us.  We want to know what you are doing!

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.
II Thessalonians 3:16