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Kirk's E-mail:  kirkdavis184@yahoo.com

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Willy and Deanna have been involved with Ampsurf events.  Ampsurf is short for Association of Amputee Surfers and is non-profit and all volunteer.  www.ampsurf.org  The organization teaches disabled people how to surf, and does its best to sponsor travel for those in need.  The experience is typically life changing for the participants, and inspiring for us volunteers.  Although Ampsurf serves all disabled, they make a special effort to reach veterans.  Willy & Deanna helped in an Pismo Beach clinic, and Willly helped in a San Clemente clinic.

Kirk and Melanie visit California

Melanie did her final internship in optometry in Port Hueneme, which is about a 2 hour drive from Pismo Beach. It was nice to have her on our side of the country for a few weeks. We went with her to buy a car, and we enjoyed having her on the weekends. Kirk came from New York to visit while she was here.

Melanie Graduates from SUNY

Melanie graduated from the State University of New York, College of Optometry.  She now has a full time job in New York.

Willy & Chad Go to Work in the Caribbean

The harsh economic environment of the last few years has forced Willy to return to work. Willy was presented a great opportunity to work on several of the Caribbean islands with an old friend, Dave Clark. The work has been rewarding and interesting, however the miles between Willy and Deanna have been painful. The main work has involved all aspects of startup of a chain of pawn shops.  It has been a great education, as Willy has been engaged in a wide variety of tasks, ranging from real estate evaluation and executive bodyguarding, to policy, contract, and website writing. The site, www.cashwiz.com will be operational soon.  Willy spent about a month in Freeport working with Tony Johns and Darin & Melissa Doty.  He spent a month in Jamaica researching store locations with Keith Miles and Adrian Reynolds. He spent month in Grand Cayman helping Chad McGhee, Will Miles, Rick Lowie, and Lianne MacDonald startup the Cayman Store, and has made several trips to Nassau.  Willy has stayed at the homes of Dave and Cristal Clark for many weeks in both Cayman and Turks and Caicos.  Willy has been living mostly in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos.  Addresses are a new thing in 2010 for the Turks and Caicos, so the easiest way to share where he resides most of the time is by GPS coordinates.  He is at 21º 46' 59" N, 72º 12' 56"W.

Chad came and took a job as manager of Graceway Sports Centre, on Providenciales.  It is a sports complex that hosts a basketball court/hockey rink in the main gym, a few workout rooms, and squash and tennis courts.  See it at www.gracewaysports.com. Chad teaches Gymnastics and Jiu-Jitsu.

If you find yourself planning a trip to the Caribbean, we would like to know when and where.  Willy spends much of his days very close to cruise ship terminals on some of the most popular island destinations. Willy and Chad get email on their phones which are always on, and activate a second phone for the island that they are on.  You can still leave a message on Willy's USA phone, which he will probably not answer, but will call you back via Skype.  Willy's & Chad's island numbers are expensive to call from the USA.

Kirk and Melanie Get Married in Kona

Kirk and Melanie were married on 21 June, at the Mauna Kea resort on the Big Island of Hawaii.  They had a great showing by family and friends. Melanie's parents Jeff and Jayne Tolan did a fantastic job preparing for the event. In the days leading up to the wedding, they had activities organized for all of the visitors.  Each morning, in the days preceding the wedding, an email was sent out to the guests regarding a suggested activity.  These activities were in addition to the main scheduled events.  We had the chance to catch up with many of our friends and family.

Jiu-Jitsu Classes by Willy and Chad

Willy teaches Jiu-Jitsu classes with Chad at the Gracway Sports Center. Willy has taught security groups and also enjoys training and helping teach at Tibor's MMA Club.

Chad Moves To Grace Bay

Chad lived in a small cottage on the beach when he first came to Turks and Caicos, next door to the house where Willy lives. The horses are standing in front of the cottage. Chad moved out and got an apartment in Grace Bay.

Willy Goes to Ohio

Willy attended his 35th Pickerington High School reunion.  There were three main events, and it was fun to catch up with everyone. Thank you to the Hickmans for taking Willy in.  While in Ohio, Willy stopped by to see the Keifers.  They were Willy's elementary school next door neighbors.  The Kiefers had moved away from Willy's childhood neighborhood.  Willy was touched to find out that the Keifers dug up their sidewalk and took it with them, making it part of the pathway to the new house.  In the concrete sidewalk were the handprints of Willy and his brothers, Larry and Garry, and dated 1969.

Our Home For Sale

Willy & Deanna have put their house up for sale.  Newsflash: The market conditions have not been favorable.  Deanna took on the enormous task of getting the house ready.

Willy Nearly Drowns in Hurricane Surf

13 Nov 10  Bad Judgement.  Willy's lifetime worst water experience.  With a sailboard that had washed up on the beach, Willy paddled a mile out to surf the big waves left over from the previous weekend’s visit by hurricane Tomas.  No sail, no wax, no leash.  The surf was surprisingly loud at the house, a mile from the reef.  He got a late start and left the house at 17:00.  By 17:30 Willy was out at the reef.  Because it was already dark, thought he would just catch one and go home.  He could hear the big waves in the distance, but could not see them due to being low in the water.  He didn’t want to paddle home in the dark, but …  The first wave came and it was barely overhead. Willy turned and took it, but the wave rolled the board and him. He hung on tight.  The second wave did the same thing.  The third took the board away.  Willy was pulled into surf that was more than double overhead.  By now it was dark.  After a few more poundings Willy saw his board a few yards away, and swam to get on it again.  Two big waves came, and the second one took the board away.  He never saw it again.  It was dark, he was a mile offshore, and was getting boiled in fairly large surf.  He kept trying to work his way in, but wave after wave crashed on him for probably one to two hours.  He could not seem to get in toward shore out of the break.  He couldn’t tell if he was making progress and had just started way outside, or was just in a current circle getting hammered in the same spot.  About ten of the sets were big and violent enough to take him deep and twist his limbs so hard, he was afraid of a significant joint injury. He would struggle so hard to get to the surface that his lungs and arms were burning, and he would surface just before another wave was ready to hit.  He was anxious because the big ones were wearing him down, and he was torn between swimming hard to shore to get out, and saving his energy for the big ones.  He thought he had the energy left for about ten minutes of the big ones. If the size sustained he didn’t think he would make it. Fortunately the big sets would pass and give him time to recover.  At first, he had been in the break for so long he did not think he was making progress out of it and began to think his only hope would be a boat in the morning. Later however the big sets were so draining that it would be hard to last another hour.  Eventually Willy did find myself inside the break and only had an easy 1 mile swim, in the dark, with his bleeding feet that had been cut on the reef.  Willy reached the beach at 21:00, and had a mile walk home.  He had many discussions with our creator out there.  First help, and then thanks!

In retrospect, the problem was very likely the tide.  Willy's timing of getting free of the break corresponded with the change of direction of the tide.  Because there is a shallow reef a mile offshore, Willly thinks that as the tide receeds, all that water between the reef and the shore is pulled out over the reef.  This held Willy in the surf for a very long time.  Willy has surfed breaks close to the beach for over 30 years, and the volume of water between the break and the beach is normally not enoough for the tide to have this effect.  Live and learn!

Deanna Comes to Providenciales

Deanna came to visit us for the week of Thanksgiving.  Chad and I worked that day.  On Thanksgiving day, Deanna began shopping for dinner in the late afternoon, and had a full dininer with a turkey and everything ready when Chad got done with work later in the evening.  Willy and Chad gave her the island tour.

Christmas in New Jersey and Providenciales

On Christmas Day, Chad and Willy went to Northwest Point on Providenciales.  We got stuck in the sand and some surfers helped us out. A few minutes later we helped Tanya from our church get her car moving again in the sand. Later that evening, they had a Christmas dinner with Diane and Quinton Higgs.  many others were there from Harvest Bible Church.

Deanna flew to New York between Christmas and New Years, and stayed  with Kirk and Melanie at their new place in New Jersey. She was hoping to make it on to Turks and Caicos but was caught in New York's blizzard and all the airports were shut down.

We hope you all have a great 2010.  Please give us your latest contact information.  Come visit, call, mail, or e-mail us.  We want to know what you are doing!  Each of you has impacted our lives and are blessing to us. May our Lord richly bless you all in 2011!