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Contact Info for Willy and Deanna:
USA Mailing Address:
4281 Express Lane
Suite N1731
Sarasota, FL  34238
Cayman Mailing Address
P.O Box 2066
George Town, Grand Cayman KY1-1105
Cayman Physical Address:
217 North West Point Road Unit 27
George Town, Grand Cayman
Willy's USA Cell:  805.801.8334
Willy's Cayman Cell: 345.322.1223
Deanna's USA Cell:  805.801.1834
Deanna's Cayman Cell:  345.323.0975
Chad's Cayman Cell:  345.323.5718

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Quick Summary:

2011 began with Willy and Chad working in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. Chad was managing a fitness complex.  Deanna was living in our Pismo home, and working at a couple dental offiices.  Kirk and Melanie were renting in New Jersey and working in Manhattan.

We all moved this year.  Three of us changed countries.

2011 ended with Chad, Deanna and Willy livng in an apartment in Cayman with Willy and Chad working for a newly formed company, and Kirk and Melanie living in their own place in New Jersey.

Welcome to our update! It is long. You will get the gist if you just glance at the pictures and read the headlines.  Hold the mouse pointer over the pictures for captions, click on them to enlarge them, then use your browser's back button to return.

    Willy's Short Notice Trip to Nassau
    Willy Teaches Jiu-Jitsu in Nassau

Willy was in bed in Providenciales, and just after 8:00 AM, the phone rang.  Nanci, our company accountant (and model employee) called him and said, "I'm on my way to your house, can you catch a 9:30 AM plane?  Dave (the boss) wants you to go to Nassau for a couple days."  Willy made the flight with plenty of time to spare.  He stayed in Nassau for a month working with Norm on the Cristal Wireless project.  Part of the job was testing wireless signal strength in Nassau downtown, and in the harbour.  Willy taught at a local Martial Arts school while he was there, where he met Clem, Carlos, Oneysi and Niqui.

    Nassau Fire
    Willy Went to Grand Cayman

While Willy was in Nassau, there was a big fire with 3 story flames by the cruise ship terminal that took out several buildings, and came dangerously close to our Cashwiz store on Bay Street.  From Nassau, Willy was brought to Grand Cayman for a week, where chickens can be found in unusual places.

    Willy Says Goodbye to Providenciales

    Willy Visits California
    Deanna Moves to Grover Beach

Willy left Providenciales and headed for California.Willy made some great friendships in Providenciales and misses his friends there, especially those from Harvest Bible Chapel, and  Tibor's MMA club.  Willy and Deanna moved into an apartment in Grover Beach, until the transition was made to the Caribbean.

    Pismo Beach Home Sold
    Ampsurf Clinic

    Women's Self Defense Seminar

While Willy was back in California, the Davis house in Pismo Beach on La Floricita finally sold.  Willy enjoyed visiting everyone in California, especially from New Life & PG&E.  He helped teach a Women's Self-Defense class for SLO Paragon for Ricardo Miller and Chris Lovato.  Willy and Deanna helped in another Pismo Beach Ampsurf event.  It was great to touch base with everyone in the Ampsurf organization.

    Willy Vis
its Kirk  & Melanie in NYC
    Willy Returns to Grand Cayman
    Deanna's Mom & Sister Move to Kansas

On the way back to the Cayman Islands, Willy stopped in New York City to visit Kirk, Melanie, brother Larry and his wife Dorica.  Melanie gave Willy an eye exam.  Deanna's mother Jean, and her sister Denise moved to Kansas.  Denise moved in with her brother Rock, and Jean is in an assisted care facility.

    Willy Fishes Through the Year

It is permissible to fish from shore, even in a Marine Park, without a license, if you are doing the catch and release method. Willy bought a small inflatable bathtub toy that he would take out fishing at night. 

    Garry, Sheri, & Alex Cruise Cayman

& Melanie visit California
& Hanna tour California

Garry, Sheri and Alex visited Cayman via a cruise ship, and visited Willy for a few hours. Kirk and Melanie visited California. Chad and Hanna went to California for 3 weeks.  Deanna was glad to see the boys, but their trips were not coordinated so that they could see each other.

    Bio-Luminescence Tour

On Willy's birthday, Dave and Cristal took Willy on Cayman's Bio-Luminescence tour.  It is a must see when you visit Cayman.  Les took a bunch of us to lunch at the Cayman Hard Rock Cafe, and we saw a waterspout from the window.  Note the Parasailor in the air.

& Chad Go to Nassau for TV Show Filming
    Chad, Cristal & Willy at Atlantis
    Chad Swims in a Shark Feeding Frenzy
    Willy Gets a Work Permit for Cayman
    Life on a Yacht

Chad accepted a job managing a Cashwiz store, but flew from Providenciales to Nassau to begin the job with our company.  He met Willy there and stayed with him on the yacht, on Paradise Island, close to the Atlantis resort.  They were there to assist in the filming of a new reality TV show.  They also had a small role in the show.  On one of the days, the film crew needed the boat, so Chad and Willly went with Cristal to the waterslides at the Atlantis resort.  On a different film shoot, Chad went with the film crew on the boat to an area with many reef sharks.  As the story was reported, Chad was snorkeling well below the surface, when someone (whose name will be withheld) threw a hamburger in the water over his head.  This excited the large grey sea life, in the path between Chad and his next breath of air.  Discussions followed when Chad returned to the boat.

& Melanie Buy a Condo in New Jersey
    Chad, Chad, Hanna & Willy Dive Eden Rock
    Stingray City
    Chad Flowrides
    Snorkel Fishing

Kirk and Melanie bought their first place.  They bought a Condo in New Jersey.  Hanna, Chad's girlfriend, a schoolteacher in Freeport, Bahamas, came to Cayman for a week.  Willy, Chad McGhee, Chad Davis and Hanna did a dive at Eden Rock.  It was the best dive Willy has ever done.  It was a coral jungle with deep notches and caves. On another day, Chad M. took Chad and Hanna to Cayman's Stingray City via jetski. The stingrays are plentiful, large, and tame enough to handle. On another day, Chad began his flowrider obsession.  Dave took Chad and Willy snorkel fishing for the first time.  First you must locate the fish by having one or more volunteers put on a mask and snorkel and get pulled behind the boat. It is fun, and you cover a lot of ground.  When the best spot is found, everyone gets out of the boat and gets a spool of line with a hook, bait and sinker.  Caribbean locals call this spool a yoyo.  Fishing is done while snorkeling.  You drop the bait in front of the fish you are after.  Several fish were caught.  Chad caught a small Barracuda.

    Pirates Week in Cayman

    Deanna Visits Family in Kansas
    Deanna Moves to Cayman!

For whatever reason, Cayman celebrates Pirate's week.  The week is marked by a parade, costumes, dramatizations and fireworks.  Deanna moved to Cayman! Willy and Deanna are happy to be in the same location at last! On her way there, she visited her mother, brother, sister and others in Kansas.

    Chad Flies to Bahamas
    Willy Goes 
to Cayman Brac
    Cayman Premier Opens Our Store
    Our First Right Side Drive Car
    Deanna at the Turtle Farm

Willy is getting a little better at the flowrider.  Chad is pretty good on the flowrider now.  Willy went to Cayman Brac for the afternoon one day to help set up another store. Chad went to the Bahamas (Nassau and Freeport) while his Cayman work permit was being processed.  Willy and Deanna purchased their first right side drive car.  Hanna came to stay with us for 2 weeks over the holidays. Deanna, Hanna, Emily and the kids went to the Turtle Farm.   Christmas Eve was spent at the McGhee's with the McGhees and Clarks, where Emily made a great prime rib dinner.  The highlight of the Christmas Eve was the fireworks. Dave bought a half a pickup truckload of fireworks. There does not seem to be a legal size limit here.  You can buy things that shoot high and make BIG bangs. On Christmas Day we went to dinner at Dave and Cristal's place. Cristal made a wonderful meal for a huge crowd.  Deanna is pictured taking her post meal Christmas day nap.  McKeeva Bush, Cayman's Premier came to the Bodden Town Cashwiz store grand opening.

Please give us your latest contact information.  Come visit, call, mail, or e-mail us.  We want to know what you are doing! We love visitors. Let us know if you want to come.  We will check our visitor traffic schedule and try to find a place for you, hopefully with us.  Each of you has impacted our lives and are blessing to us. May our Lord richly bless you all in 2012!