Davis Family

Chad, Jamie, Deanna, Willy, Melanie, & Kirk
Contact Info for Willy and Deanna:
USA Mailing Address:
4281 Express Lane
Suite N1731
Sarasota, FL  34238

Cayman Mailing Address
P.O Box 2066
George Town, Grand Cayman KY1-1105

Cayman Physical Address:
217 North West Point Road Unit 27
George Town, Grand Cayman

Willy's USA Cell:  805.801.8334
Willy's Cayman Cell: 345.322.1223
Deanna's USA Cell:  805.801.1834
Deanna's Cayman Cell:  345.323.0975

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Chad and Jamie Get Married in Northern California:

On September 7th Chad married Jamie Jones on the Greenhorn Creek Ranch near Quincy, California.  We met with friends and family there, and had two full days to visit in a beautiful Sierra setting.  A unique planned feature of the wedding ceremony was a stampede of horses in the background, concurrent with the pronouncement of husband and wife.  Chad and Jamie spent their honeymoon in Thailand and Laos.  Their honeymoon was highlighted by close up encounters with tigers and elephants.

Prior to the wedding, Willy and Deanna went to the Pismo Beach area for about a week.  We were hosted by Chris and Alison Alpaugh.  We tried to see everyone, but missed seeing most people due to the short visit time.


Africa and Other Travels

Willy traveled to 13 countries this year.  He made several trips to Central America, and went to Africa for the first time.  He went back to Africa 4 more times, to Burkina Faso, Mali and Tanzania.  He was able to “wrestle” a Nile Crocodile in Burkina Faso.  Neither one tried to eat the other.  Willy went on safari in Mikumi national park, where he was able to see Elephants, Hippos, Warthogs, Zebras, Antelope, Giraffes, Buffalo, Wildebeest, Baboons, Grass Monkeys, and Crocodiles in the wild.  He rented a Taxi in Dar es Salaam to get there.

Deanna & Willy went to Chicago where brother Larry and Dorica hosted the Thanksgiving family feeding.  Brother Garry's clan was all there, Willy's mom, and some of Larry's clan.

Deanna and Willy went to the Bahamas and stayed with Chad and Jamie over the Christmas holidays.  Deanna, Chad and Willy dove with some big fish from Stuart Cove's.


Island Activites

Deanna spotted her first shark on an East End dive at Jack McKinney’s wall.  Our friend Mark Elliot was the Dive Master.  The dive follows a canyon that terminates at the wall at a depth of 100 feet.  Bigger things swim by at the wall.  Deanna caught her first Barracuda (fishing).  Willy took a Kayak from Rum Point to Morgan’s Harbor, about 7 miles, stopping at Stingray City to visit with our boating friends along the way. Willy's co-worker Earlando's very first fish was a nice barracuda.  Willy continues to fish and teach Jiu-Jitsu.



We had some visitors this year. Chad, Jamie, Kirk and Melanie came for Easter.  Kirk and Melanie got their SCUBA certifications during their stay in Cayman. Willy’s cousin Tina and her daughter Lauren came.  They Snorkeled, Paddleboarded, Kayaked, Sailed and visited the stingrays.  It was great to catch up.  The Coffman family came for a week, but Willy was sent to Africa during most of their time.  On New Year's Eve, the Pete & Pilar Robinson & their kids stopped by while on a Disney Cruise.  We went with them to Stingray City.


Kirk and Melanie Move From NYC Area to Houston

Kirk and Melanie moved to Houston, and are building a house.

Please give us your latest contact information.  Come visit, call, mail, or e-mail us.  We want to know what you are doing! We love visitors. Let us know if you want to come.  We will check our visitor traffic schedule and try to find a place for you, hopefully with us.  Each of you has impacted our lives and are blessing to us. May our Lord richly bless you all in 2015!