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Declan Alan Davis

Our biggest and most exciting news is the birth of Declan Alan Davis.  On 4 March 2016, Declan was born to Chad and Jamie in Nassau, Bahamas.  He is very active and was walking before the end of the year at 9 months and 11 days.  His smiles and giggles warm our hearts.  We Facetime frequently and are blessed to receive almost daily updates on his growth and activities.  Thank you Chad and Jamie!  Chad continues to work as the country regional manager for Cashwiz Bahamas.  Jamie, in addition to 24 hour Declan care, has started an online business with LuLaRoe Clothing.



John Helm came to Cayman twice, once with his wife Maria, and once with his daughter Isabel.  Jan Z. and Brenda G came to see us.  John & Kristen Lohr, and Chris and Alison Alpaugh visited.  Willy’s brother Larry came.  We take our visitors to do the island things they like, such as fishing, diving, or snorkeling. Houston does not seem to carry the same vacation appeal as Cayman.


Willy the Black Belt

In Cayman, Willy taught Jiu-Jitsu at Krav Maga Cayman for owner, trainer, and instructor Ronnie James Hughes.  Ronnie believed Willy’s skill level was past the purple belt he was wearing.  Ronnie arranged to bring in black belts from LA to secretly evaluate him, and promote him on behalf of world renowned champion, Rigan Machado.  The Brown Belt was a surprise to Willy and was conferred upon him by Robert Arevalo, and Cindy Omatsu.  The Black Belt was also a surprise, and was conferred by Cindy Omatsu later that year.  This was made possible by generous donations from students Susan and Dora. Willy was deeply moved.  Cindy embodies the essence of what is so appealing about Jiu-Jitsu, as she easily defeats adult men twice her size and half her age.  The Black Belt rank gives Willy the authority to promote students in belt rank.  Willy had the pleasure of awarding his first promotion to a deserving student, by promoting Mark Elliott to Blue Belt.  Willy was also invited to train with Anthony Bourdain a couple days.


Departure From Cayman

In August, Willy and Deanna moved to Houston from Cayman.  Willy lost his job in Cayman.  It took months for Deanna to get her dental hygiene credentials transferred from California/Cayman to Texas.  Deanna now is licensed to practice Dental Hygiene in California, Cayman and Texas. They will miss living on the ocean, walking on the beach and our Cayman friends and neighbors.  Willy will miss fishing on his boat in front of the apartment, and will miss teaching and his friends at Krav Maga Cayman and Cayman Fight Factoy.



Willy went to California for a few days, loaded up all the stuff in storage, put it in a truck, and drove to Texas.  On the way, he stopped to see his mom and dad in Arizona.  Willy and Deanna went to the Bahamas twice to see Chad, Jamie and baby Declan.  Willy went to Antigua for a couple short jobs.


Life in Texas

Deanna and Willy are close to everything in Houston!  They live in a secure apartment complex with nice grounds and pools.  They can walk to downtown, to a nice park and bayou, and to Kirk and Melanie’s!  They enjoy outings to the Houston Children’s Museum, zoo and all those fun grandparenting places.  At 18 months Hudson is a very mobile and vocal toddler. Kirk and Melanie have been showing us the sites in Houston and even allowed us to babysit Hudson for a couple of weekends.  Kirk ran a marathon this year and continues to work for JP Morgan, and Melanie works part time as an Optometrist.  Deanna was able to get a job very quickly.   She often walks to and from work.  Her experience puts her in high demand here in Houston.  Willy struggled to get a job and began driving for Uber, and also started giving private Jiu-Jitsu lessons.  jiujitsu2u.com.  He carries his mats and gis in the car to people’s homes to teach private classes.  He has caught plenty of fish in the nearby bayou.  Willy is exploring speaking adventures with new friends in Toastmasters.


Please give us your latest contact information.  Come visit, call, mail, or e-mail us.  We want to know what you are doing! We love visitors. Each of you has impacted our lives and are blessing to us. May our Lord richly bless you all in 2017!