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Willy and Deanna started 2019 in Colorado.  While in the Denver area, Willy went to several Toastmasters clubs weekly in order to develop his public speaking abilities.  This activity became exceptionally valuable in that Willy prepares and presents material for a living now.  Deanna continued to work in dental hygiene. On her days off she loved babysitting grandchildren Hudson & Brooklyn since they lived a few miles from Kirk and Melanie.

Kirk teaching Hudson

Willy Starts New Job

Willy started a new job on 13 May, teaching Nuclear Engineering classes at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.  His young students have all recently graduated from college with one of a variety of engineering degrees.  Willy is not permitted to have a cell phone at his worksite so it is difficult reach him.  Willy worked for Darwin Keizer aboard the USS Omaha, about 40 years ago, and now works for him again in the training department he manages. Darwin and Terri Keizer are lifelong friends and have welcomed Deanna and Willy back to Hawaii.  Deanna is now a Trophy Wife. ; )  She is enjoying the slower pace of island life and for now, is not working in dental hygiene.


Move to Hawaii

Willy and Deanna moved to Hawaii this year!  After moving, they moved again, still in Hawaii but on the water, on a lagoon.  They live in Ewa Beach in a gated community.   Their community is geographically bounded by the Pearl Harbor outlet channel on the east side, and a 0.75 mile long beach on the south.  They can see ships and subs go in and out of Pearl from their living room when they look down to the end of the lagoon toward the channel.  Their community beach has very few people on it compared to others in Hawaii.  Even on weekends there is usually less than a dozen people on the entire stretch.  It is often breezy but there it is nearly always surfable, and Willy goes often, either surfing or catching waves on a standup paddleboard.  There is a walking / bike path along the edge of the lagoon, and they have access to a community pool, gym, and a couple of hot tubs.  Fishing is allowed in the lagoon, but it is not the best, however Willy caught his first bonefish there, and an occasional barracuda.

Willy's Dad Passed Away

Willyís Dad, William P. Davis, passed away on 28 Sep 2019.  He had a stroke earlier in the year as a result of a condition called Cavernous Angioma.  Willy went to visit him in August after the stroke.  His dad had brain surgery in an effort to correct the condition, but his health deteriorated after the surgery.  Willy was on his way from the PHX airport to visit him again when we got the call that he had passed.  His brother Larry was bedside and brother Garry was on his way from Illinois.  Close to 30 family members came to Arizona for a memorial service on the day before Thanksgiving.  Deanna spent a few weeks with Willyís mom during this rough time for her, from before the surgery to after his passing.


Willy & Deanna have got to get out more!  They did not travel much, but Willy and Deanna did fly to Atlanta to see Chad, Jamie, Declan and Kason for Easter and Kasonís first birthday.  Deanna flew there again to help when Chadís family moved to Buford.  She stopped in Phoenix and the Denver area to visit family.  When Willy went to Phoenix 3 times, two of them were just for the weekend.  Willy also went to Orlando for Jiu-Jitsu teaching and training. Kirk's family went to visit Chad's family in Georgia. Deanna and Willy also joined the Gleason family for a weekend during their vacation on Kauai.


Willy teaches Jiu-Jitsu regularly.  He teaches a group of his nuclear engineers in a weekly class at one of the Pearl Harbor gyms.  He calls his group Team Pearl.  He also gives private classes to neighbors in the aerobics room at the community center.   Willy attended a seminar and dinner with world class Jiu-Jitsu Master Rigan Machado in Colorado. Willy was also flown to Orlando to train some of the McGhee family, and he was delighted to promote Chad McGhee to a well deserved rank of Blue Belt.  While in Orlando, Willy trained again with UFC legend Royce Gracie, thanks to Chad McGhee.  Willy has done cameo appearances at numerous academies.


Willy and Deanna enjoy having visitors!  They have had a few.  Mike and Vanessa Rozo came for a bit.  Jeff Sato came, Dana Cummings of the Ampsurf organization came,  Willyís mom Dorothy, and his brother Larry came over Christmas. Brenda Gleason and Andrea Griffin came to visit Deanna in Colorado before she joined Willy on Oahu. Willy also caught up with Kauan Gracie (Ricksonís oldest daughter) in Waikiki over the Christmas Holiday.

Please give us your latest contact information.  Come visit, call, mail, or e-mail us.  We want to know what you are doing! We love visitors. Each of you has impacted our lives and are a blessing to us. May our Lord richly bless you all in 2020