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Deanna flew to Georgia to see Chad, Jamie, Declan and new baby Zeya this year. Scroll down for Zeya pics as she has her own special secton.  Deanna also spent time in Colorado with Kirk, Melanie, Hudson and Brooklyn. She stayed a weekend with Dorothy in Phoenix and spent a layover in Chicago with Larry and Dorica. She got to see Garry, Sheri, Luke, Ivette, Sophia, Noah and Leah in Dallas on a weekend with Dorothy on the way back home to Hawaii.

Backyard sandbox Declan, Kason and YodiChad and Jamie's backyardDeclan and Kason on their splashpadChad, Declan and Kason in their backyard creekJamie, Declan, Chad and Kason berry pickingChad and Declan peach pickingeDeclan and Kason trick or treatingDeclan and Kason "Alpacaween"Chairs their size for Declan and Kason at AlpacaweenFluffy pony, Declan and KasonThanksgiving in Georgia, Chad, Jamie, Kason and DeclanFurry cow at Thopmson's Tree FarmKason "helping" Chad cut down the perfect tree with Jamie and DeclanTree hauling- Jamie, Chad, Declan, Kason and DeannaChad and Jamie ready for Christmas in their new homeChad, Declan and Kason are kings of the playground!Kason plowing the fields at the parkKason and Declan teeter-totter timeKirk and Hudson ski gondolaBrooklyn ready to skiBrooklyn at the zooHudson hiking at Arches National ParkBrooklyn and Hudson resting on a hikeKirk, Melanie, Hudson and Brooklyn at Castlewood Canyon State ParkKirk and Hudson at Castlewood Canyon State ParkKirk, Melanie, Hudson and Brooklyn at Castlewood Canyon State ParkKirk and Deanna Castlewood Canyon State ParkBrooklyn at Castlewood Canyon State ParkCastlewood Canyon State Parkkirk, Melanie, Hudson and Brooklyn Castlewood Canyon State ParkHudson fallleavesHudson and Brooklyn fall leavesBrooklyn fall leavesHudson flips in the treeBrooklyn and Hudson nosingBrooklyn sliding in her backyardDoroty and Deanna in SedonaSedonaLunch in SedonaDorothy, Leah, Sheri, Sophia and Luke at Noah's soccer gameNoah playing soccer

Boating and Fishing
Willy averages more than an hour a day on their new Boston Whaler.  Thank you Mom!  The model is a Montauk 150, a small fishing boat large enough to take a few friends.  Lightly loaded, it will do just over 30mph.  It has a small backup motor, radio, and navigation electronics.  It resides in the Marina on the other side of the lagoon on which Willy and Deanna live.  The lagoon connects to the ocean via the Pearl Harbor outlet channel.  Whenever Willy goes to sea, he calls the Pearl Harbor Control Tower to assure that no US Submarine or Aircraft Carrier traffic will interfere with his fishing plans.  Willy has more to learn about fishing, as he has not yet caught his Marlin, Wahoo (Ono), or Mahi.  He has caught other fish including a Yellowfin Tuna, some Barracuda, and a couple Tiger Sharks.  Willy did one surfing trip via the boat.   He took a group to White Plains Beach (we used to call it Barbers Point).  Before getting the boat, Willy built a fishing pole holder for his paddle board from PVC.  One day he took it out fishing 2.5 miles off shore.  He hooked a small Tiger shark that got off after a brief battle, so he pulled his bait out of the water.  He was sitting cross-legged on the board, and noticed the Shark had come near, and its head was inches from Willy’s knee.  Willy put the bait back in the water and this time he caught the Shark.  It was about 4 feet long or so, with a mouth big enough to hold two fists side by side.  He put the Shark upside down on the board by his leg, took the hook out and released it.

Our Boat at the Marina, our place in the backgroundDD3 Parked at the MarinaDeanna and Willy anchored off WaikikiOur MarinaTiger SharkWilly surrounded by DolphinsYellowfin TunaBarracudaWilly fishing from the Paddle Board 2.5 miles offshoreFishing contraption on the Willy's Paddle Board

Willy and Deanna enjoy sharing our island and our water toys with visitors and this year they did not have many.  Kirk, Melanie and their kids came for a few days. Jeff Sato came and surfed at our nearby beach.  Joy, one of Willy’s former bosses from PG&E’s Nuclear Plant, visited and saw some island sights including Paradise Cove and Waimea Falls.  John and Kristen Lohr came, played cards, barbequed and had some water time. They also toured Hickam & Pearl Harbor. Dave and Brenda Gleason also visited.  Adam and Brook caught waves on Willy's big board.  Willy's Mom came twice.

Our Neighborhood BeachJohn and Kristen at our Community BeachJohn and Kristen at HickamMelanie and Brooklyn at Hickam BeachMelanie and Brooklyn at Paradise CoveHudson and Kirk at Hickam BeachHudson and Brooklyn at Hickam BeachKirk Body Boards Waimea at 6-8 ftMelanie, Brooklyn and Deanna at Paradise CoveHudson at Paradise CoveBrenda lounging by the PoolJoy and Willy at Waimea FallsBrooke and Adam's surf class from Willy. Soom in o see Adam.Deanna, Willy, Brenda & David at Kapilina BeachDorothy and Willy out in front of Waikiki

During her first full year of retirement Deanna has learned to relax and enjoy the birds that come to our backyard.  She tries to keep the feeders full and they will raise a clamor if she misses a day. She enjoys walking around our lagoon and taking pictures.

Blue and gGreen HawaiianPparrotsBlue ParrotFull rainbow from our backyardGreen ParrotGreen Parrot and Java FinchesMale and female pair of Green Hawaiian ParrotsSunset from our lanimale parrot in back of our placeBlue and Green Hawaiian ParrotsA pair of Saffron Finches
Java FinchesMarina from the bridge on the Lagoon

Baby Zeya
Zeya Quinn Davis, was born on Veteran’s Day, 11 Nov 2020.  Though all babies are a blessing from God, She is our precious miracle grandchild #5.  Zeya is Chad and Jamie’s third, and she started life with struggles.  She came early at 30 weeks, at 1 pound, 11 ounces.  Zeya is doing very well, hoping to escape NICU in January.

Jamie and ZeyaChad and ZeyaZeya Quinn DavisZeya Quinn Davis

Please give us your latest contact information.  Come visit, call, mail, or e-mail us.  We want to know what you are doing! We love visitors. Each of you has impacted our lives and are a blessing to us. May our Lord richly bless you all in 2020